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A  ARISE:       To not slumber but arise and let your light shine

 RECEIVE:  To receive the Word of God and that it would be rooted into your hearts.

I    INSPIRE:   To be inspired through Word, deed and fellowship.

 SEND:        To be sent out as Jesus’ hands and feet; to be sent  into all the world to share                               the Good News.

E   EQUIP:       To be equipped to do the work God has planned and purposed for your life.



To see all women, from every walk of life and corner of the world fulfil and rise up in their God given purpose and plan.

 Arise Ministries desire to have women built up and encouraged through the fellowship and support of others,  receiving the Word of God that is rooted in their hearts, that will strengthen and inspire them to make their dreams and desires a reality. 

As “Arise Women” we are being equipped as God’s servants and ready to be sent out to do the works of the ministry and establish God’s kingdom on this earth.

Pastor Joan McWilliams

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