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LifeGroup meets for about two hours. The evening likely begins with a fellowship time or supper brought by people of each group or provided for by the host of the meeting.


Most groups are making use of a curriculum or digital study tool such as Alpha, Driven by Eternity or The Gideon's Study.

Group:  Young Adults

Leader: Ps Josh & Marianne

Time: 6 pm, Tuesday nights

contact: 0431345826


Group:  Adults

Leader: Associate Ps Julie Davis

Time: Tuesday lunchtime

contact: 66423854


Group: Alpha

Leader: Anna Girol & Ps Josh

Time: 6pm, Friday night

Location: 4 Edgecombe ave

                 Junction Hill


These are just a few of the Life Groups currently running, for all inquiries please phone Pastor Josh: 0431345826

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