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New Life Church is a Foursquare Gospel Church located in the heart of the Grafton community.

We exist to Inspire and Equip people to fulfill their God-given potential.


As a church, we desire to help  the entire body of Christ  to grow, through discipleship and evangelism.


New Life Church Grafton is a charter church of the Foursquare Gospel Church Australia. 


New Life Church exists to “Attract” people to Jesus, “Connect” people to God’s family, “Train” God’s people, and “Send” people to fulfill God’s destiny for their life.


In the book of Acts, it shows us how the Church in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe grew through these same principles.


From 1922 when Aimee Semple MacPhereson had the vision of the Foursquare Gospel as represented in Ezekiel Chapter 1, the Foursquare Church has establlished over 66,000 churches and meeting places "planted in" 140 countries and territories with 1,700 churches in the United States.


Our weekend services are best described as the teaching room, because we only have a short time together. LifeGroups, are considered the "lab", and a place where we can share Life and discuss the Word. These small "family" groups are the life blood of New Life Church. If you don’t understand something, answers can be found here. LifeGroup is a place where you can talk about how the Bible applies to you personally. LifeGroup is really where we really CONNECT begins in the church family. LifeGroup is a place where people can find Jesus and new friends can be found.  Everyone may not be able to speak on a Sunday service, but we all have things that are valuable to share and LifeGroups are designed for this.


Prayer is an important part of LifeGroup. The Bible tells us that when two or more of us are in Jesus name, He is there in our midst. Lives change when we "live life together". As we pray, lives change as everyone is supported by others who care.


Friendships are built in our LifeGroups. There is no such thing as a “lone ranger Christian.” We need each other — the Bible tells us this over and over. Some of our closest and longest lasting friendships are found in small groups. 

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